About Us

Rachel Page

Nurse Practitioner

Rachel has worked in the field of Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Mental health for 20 years and has done extensive training and study to further extend her qualifications. Rachel has gained extensive experience both in inpatient and community mental health teams and has years of experience working within a crisis based service for children and adolescents. She has undergone additional training in specific aspects of child and adolescent mental health and is able to utilize a range of treatment modalities to suit specific needs. Rachel has been working in private practice for 6 years and maintains strong links between public and private sectors.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Nursing Degree, and Master’s degrees in Social Science Human Services, Mental Health Nursing and Nursing – Nurse Practitioner.

Rachel has a specific interest in self harm and suicidal ideation, however is not limited to these concerns. In her down time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 boys, exploring the great outdoors, dabbling in a bit of sewing and spending time with friends.


Administration Officer

Our amazing, friendly and accommodating administration officer, Judith is based at our Eatons Hill clinic. She is ready to greet you with a smile and assist you with your questions. Judith enjoys deep sea fishing and gardening. She is crafty and enjoys cross stitch, crocheting and knitting. Judith and her husband also have bee hives and their honey can be purchased from the Eatons Hill clinic!


Therapy Dog

Hugo is a much loved and highly respected member of the Teens Matter 2 team. Born into foster care, Hugo was rescued by Rachel and her family at 3 months of age. Hugo and Rachel have undergone extensive training in Animal Assisted Therapy and Hugo was awarded Dux of the course. Hugo is big and at times boisterous, however is loving, forgiving and very passionate about supporting his clients and their families.

Hugo loves cuddles, loves to sit with you and your family and knows exactly when you need a bit of extra support (he also loves treats, balls and loads of pats!)

Other Practitioners

Samantha Morrison

Sunflower Psychology

Samantha is a highly respected Clinical Psychologist with a wealth of knowledge in child and adolescent mental health

Samantha practices out of the Teens Matter 2 clinic at Eatons Hill and welcomes referrals for all aspects of child, adolescent and adult mental health. She offers after hours and Saturday appointments to cater for working parents and school aged young people.

Jessie Baker

Ability Psychology Services

Jessie is a Registered Psychologist. With a background in not-for-profit organisations, NDIS and the Employment Service Sector, Jessie has experience working with a breadth of populations and client presentations.

Clinically, Jessie has particular interest in trauma, personality and affective disorders, and anxiety disorders. Jessie also has experience in the LGBTQI demographic and welcomes clients who require support in this field.

Jessie supports a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing, and recognises the value of psychosocial considerations, such as employment and housing stability, in improving the prognosis of mental health concerns. Of particular note is Jessie’s experience in return to work interventions. This includes management of risk and mental health symptoms to mitigate barriers to employment, such as: recidivism, medical concerns, personality factors and substance use. Jessie utilises a CBT framework and supportive counselling throughout her work to support clients in achieving their therapeutic goals.

Chris Leary

Path Finder Mental Health and Counselling Services

Chris is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Level 4 Counsellor (Australian Counselling Association).

Chris holds a Bachelor of Nursing Degree, Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Science, Masters of Mental Health Nursing, and Masters of Nurse Practitioner.  These post-graduate qualifications have greatly enhanced his knowledge and skills. 

Chris has worked in the field of Mental Health for 30 years and has worked in senior clinical roles in many areas in both the public and private sectors.  He has worked in adult and adolescent mental health services.

As a Nurse Practitioner, Chris has increased his knowledge and skills in assessment, diagnosis, clinical investigations, prescribing of medications, making specialist referrals and providing sick certificates.  Through talk-based psychotherapy and exploring issues, Chris can work with a person to find practical solutions that are workable.

Chris has also worked in adolescent mental health and has a special interest in assisting young people navigate life’s challenges. He understands each person comes with their own unique needs and through his clinically focused, and empathetic approach, aims to assist them reach their maximum potential.

When Chris is not working, he enjoys bush walking, bike riding, cooking and spending time with his family.