• Do I need a referral?

    No! You do not require a referral to receive services from Teens Matter 2.
    You also do not require a mental health care plan – one less step to receiving the therapy/intervention you have identified.
    We may ask a few short questions over the phone or via email to ensure Teens Matter 2 is the right service to best suit your needs. This will also assist in prioritising your initial appointment in the event of a waiting list.

  • Am I limited to a specific number of sessions?

    Under Medicare, services provided by a Nurse Practitioner are not limited by a specific number of sessions.

  • Am I eligible for a Medicare Rebate?

    Services provided by a Nurse Practitioner attract a Medicare Rebate.
    Did you know out of pocket fees paid for services contribute to the Medicare threshold? When you spend certain amounts in gap and out of pocket costs, you’ll reach the threshold. Once you’ve reached the threshold, you’ll start getting higher Medicare benefits. This means you’ll get 80% of your expenses back for certain Medicare services. Contact our friendly administration team for more information.
    As a private billing clinic unfortunately, we are unable to offer bulk billed sessions, however, we may be able to assist you in finding a service that offers this.

  • What are your hours of service?

    Tuesday 9am – 5pm (Brendale clinic)
    Wednesday 9am – 5pm (Eatons Hill Clinic)
    Thursday 9am – 5pm (Eatons Hill Clinic)
    Friday 9am – 2pm (Eatons Hill Clinic)

  • What do I need to bring to my initial session?

    We will require your Medicare details so please have your Medicare Card handy.
    You may also wish to bring copies of previous reports/summaries or other information you feel may be relevant to your concerns.
    Similarly, if there are any court documents or relevant court orders, please have copies available at the initial appointment.
    If you are on medication, please ensure you write down what you are currently prescribed and the dose you are taking (this includes any over the counter or homeopathic prescriptions) If you have any questions regarding your initial appointment, please contact our friendly administration staff who will be able to help you with your questions.

  • What is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)?

    AAT is a mode of therapy where an animal is involved throughout the therapeutic process. Animal Assisted Interventions assist the practitioner working with clients (individually or within a group setting) reach their treatment goals.
    AAT has proven effectiveness in many areas can have an immediate positive effect on an individual, improving mood and reducing anxiety. AAT can support immediate reduction in the physiological symptoms of anxiety and can allow individuals to feel more comfortable in therapy.
    AAT enhances and supports the development and sustainability of healthy attachment in relationships. Working with a therapy dog can support the development of empathy and sharing and can support skill building and enhanced confidence.
    Research indicates AAT can be an effective treatment for adolescent depressive disorders and Animal Assisted Interventions can be beneficial in the treatments including low self-esteem, emotional lability and regulation, anger management and improving confidence. Animal Assisted Therapy can support the teaching of empathy, emotional regulation and social skills within the Autistic Spectrum.
    We know therapy can be confronting and distressing at times; however, the presence of a dog can provide a safe and comforting environment, can promote relaxation and enhance the therapeutic experience.

  • Can you assist me with referrals to other specialists if needed?

    Within a Nurse Practitioner scope of practice, referrals to specialists is possible, this may include referral to a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician.

  • Do you work collaboratively with other private health practitioners?

    Nurse Practitioners are authorised to initiate some pharmacological interventions or provide continuing medication monitoring and adjustments. If you are currently happily engaged with a practitioner however require medication support, a Nurse Practitioner may be able to offer assessment and intervention within their scope of practice.
    Please contact our administration team for more information regarding this.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We understand circumstances may result in an appointment being missed or cancelled with short notice. However, to ensure we can maintain a supportive service to all our clients, it is necessary for Teens Matter 2 to charge a fee for all missed appointments and cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. This is regardless of the reason for not attending the appointment.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to fill cancelled appointments at short notice. To avoid cancellation fees, we require 48 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled appointment.
    Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged at $100.
    As a courtesy, we will send you a text reminder 2 days prior to your scheduled appointment. It is however also the client’s responsibility for keeping track of appointments and for notifying us of a need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
    As such, a cancellation fee will apply if we do not receive 24 hours’ notice, regardless of whether our text reminders are received. Please note that Medicare does not rebate for missed or cancelled appointments.

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